Thursday, March 26, 2009


Isn't my life are very bored???
Sometime i will ask myself...Isn't i'm a most failure person in my life??
I don't know what will happen to my choice...I just do whatever i like...Then some of the choices after i made,it will let me feel very regret...But if i didn't do it...I'll feel very uncomfortable...
What is my decision???
I still searching...
But only one thing i very confirm is i want to study master at oversea university...
I hope this would be a wrong decision and choice...Since i had already choose a wrong course study for my degree.

God,please show me a way that i would be wrong again in my life until i had alive for 21 years.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life is full of hopes!!!

Hmm...Life is full of hopes!!!The phase look like have a bit 'kolot',but it is true!!!

In my opinion,it look like won't always happen...But it also has happen in my life!!!I don't think that we will be bad luck everytime...just depend on a person how he/she looking the problem...If he/she can change a problem into a 'hope'...

Yerr!!!Semester break is coming...that's mean CNY is coming soon!!!Yo!!!I feel very happy and excited now!!!CNY have many food can eat such as biscuit,food and many type of drinks and sweet...Hohoho!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year 2009

Long time no blog already...Because i'm very busy about my study and work during semester break...

1.My result is coming out.I quite surprise with my result...I can get 3.73...i didn't expect that i can get this pointer...Because i'm a second intake student...Then during exam,i really not so sure that whether my answer was correct or not...Besides,some of the exam question i also feel that i can't do it.I just 'teka' the answer...Haha!!!So i quite happy with it...But i still feel got a bit unhappy...Why i can't get 3.75???Then i will be the first class honour...Now i just a first class only...Sigh~~~Anyway,i wish i can maintain my result...So that,i can register many subject...Then i can clear my credit hours as soon as possible...

2. I can majoring account.But now i just feel that i don't like account.I would like to change to major finance.Am i a very bad person???When i told my friends about it.My friends will scold me and ask me why i want to be like this...Ya y i want to be like this???All is about my attitude.Because i can't do and don't want to do a same thing in a long time...I don't like to do checking to find out the correct figure in the long time...I like to do something which is a bit adventure and risk...Such as finance...Finance course teach me how to do the investment and the thing is very interesting...Now i really hope to get into the finance field...

3.New year is coming soon...But i still can't go to shopping with my part time salary...All is the kelly services fault...Why don't u pay me my salary???I need it to go shopping...Haha!!!I want to buy a body glove school bag,a pair of jeans and some t-shirt...Am i very greedy???Because nowadays the economic is not too good...I still spend my money in the most wasted way...Hahaha!!!

4.My new year wish are:
(a)i can maintain my result
(b)i can have a healthy body
(c)i can change my majoring course from account to FINANCE
(d)i can maintain or improve my friend list
(e)i can do what ever things i hope to do or hope to get